Transfer Larger Files

Larger file transfer would seem rather difficult to use, hence the most common file exchange platform being email, restricts the common user from sending larger sized files simultaneously. Although, Luxurious Web Design’s Research and Development team has provided us with a list of FREE Secured Providers to deliver to our clients.

Image and Video Tips: We recommend sending the original copy or highest resolution you have of your photo(s)/video(s). This is to ensure that only the highest quality of images and photos are put on the website.

1) Compressed Zipped Folder


2) List of FREE Service Providers

a. Transfer Big Files: L1   
b. Drop Box: L2
c. We Transfer: L3
d. Send This File: L4


 3) Organizing Media (You do not have to do this)

a. If you need us to put certain photos on certain pages: Name the photo and then put – Page Name. Example: Red Car – Home Page.jpg OR for specific areas Blue Car – Home Page Banner.jpg

b. If you have a store: Name the photo the name of the product. Example: Dragon Lady T-Shirt. For more than one photo of the product, name the first image for the primary image and the rest could be numbers. Example: Dragon Lady T-Shirt (Primary).jpg, Dragon Lady T-Shirt 2.jpg, Dragon Lady T-Shirt 3.jpg

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