Application Development Tips

Application Development can seem rather complex, but we can help make it easier. When you have an idea, we can identify the key necessities for developing and then having your app live in the app store. Even if you do know the ins and outs of the needed functionality and full scope, we’ll do a full assessment of your project to make sure everything is fully defined and planned prior to execution.


Planning Suggestions

  • Define the goals of your app (entertainment, productivity, make a profit $, resale of the app)
  • Write down as many details as you can about the applications functionality
  • Identify how you want the application to look in terms of an interface
  • Find applications which have similar functionality and/or present a look you enjoy

If you don’t know about functionality or design — no worries…We can do this for you!

Learn About the App Store

Take the time to learn about what is takes to Launch in the App Store!

Ongoing Maintenance Tips

  • Contact Us often to ensure that as phones update your apps are still compatible & function
  • Add additional functionality and/or new content to your application
  • Update your applications functionality if there are bugs/errors
  • Redesign the applications user interface to be more user friendly

Update and upgrade your existing applications

What We Can Provide

  • Assistance with identifying application goals (informational, resale, profit from marketing)
  • Application process — what a user can do start to finish, and through settings/customization
  • Statement of Work (SOW) including your full scope + schedule + timeline, budget, etc.
  • Testing of your application to eliminate delays, bugs, and errors
  • Publishing into the app store and approval process

We can manage the entire process 100% from start to finish

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